1. Gillette Venus Manual Razor for Women

Last minute plans with your girls? Don’t worry because this hair removal razor for ladies by Gillette has got you covered! It has three blades and protective cushions to give you smooth, hair-free skin in just one stroke. Also, the razor head moves to glide along with those tricky areas, so no cuts and nicks, ladies! So its process can be the best hair removal for women.


    • Super easy to use
    • Doesn’t take much time like waxing
    • Pain-free (just avoid the cuts)


    • Razors don’t pull out the hair roots so hair can grow back within one week or ten days.

2. Panache Tweezer

You just realized that your eyebrows are not done and you have no time to go to the salon. Every girl should have a plucker at home so that this kind of situation could be avoided. The slightly slanted tip is the perfect angle for tweezing your brows. Tweeze in the direction of your hair growth and apply some ice after you are done.


    • Quick fix for eyebrows
    • Easy to use


    • Hair plucking can be a little painful

3. Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Gold Hair Remover Cream

If you’re not one for razors and trimmers, then make this cream your go-to hair remover! This cream is very effective in removing hair and is gentle on the skin too. It is one of the easiest hair removal products in the market. It consists of cooling and toning aroma oil which will make your skin smooth and radiant. All you have to do is, apply the cream with a spatula and spread it evenly. Wipe it off after five minutes with the spatula itself and rinse thoroughly.


    • Leaves your skin soft and radiant
    • Easy to use
    • Pain-free
    • Takes less time


    • Doesn’t remove the hair roots

4. Veet Full Body Waxing Kit

If you would rather avoid shaving, then go for these full body waxing strips by Veet. There are 20 wax strips in a single pack which is enough to wax your hands and legs at least twice. It has long-lasting results as you’ll have smooth and soft skin for upto 3-4 weeks. Now you can wax anytime you want, in the comfort of your home, ladies!


    • Easy to use at home
    • Pulls out hair roots so hair regrowth will take time


    • One pack can only be used twice for hands and legs

5. Boots UMbro Woman Cool & Sensitive Shave Gel

This shaving gel helps make your skin smooth before you start shaving. Make sure to apply it on your legs and arms when you’re about to shave. Using this product will help prevent unnecessary cuts on your skin and make your shaving experience even better and smoother!


    • Makes shaving easier
    • Helps in avoiding cuts
    • Keeps the skin smooth

Cons: None!

6. Beauty Studio Ready To Use Waxing Strips Aloe Vera Wax Strips

These ready-to-use waxing strips are the best thing ever when you make last minute plans. These strips are infused with aloe vera extracts that provide your skin with a cooling effect. They’re super efficient in removing hair from your body and leaving you with ultra smooth and soft skin.


    • The goodness of aloe vera leaves your skin smooth
    • Easy to use
    • Pulls out hair roots


    • Can be used only once or twice for hand and legs

7. Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Crème

Use this crème hair remover on your bikini line to groom it in the most painless way ever. Not all hair removal creams for women are meant to be used in sensitive areas like near your vagina or underarms; neither should you use these creams on such areas. But don’t worry girls, this product doesn’t lead to skin darkening and is completely safe to use. So for tension-free hair removal from your bikini area, use this best hair removal cream for women’s privates.


    • Specially designed for the sensitive bikini area
    • Doesn’t darken the skin tone

Cons: None!

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